Collin Raye concert – Jan. 19, 1996

Meisner, Swan and Rich opened for Collin Raye at the Dee Events Center on the Weber State University campus in Ogden, Utah on Jan. 19, 1996. Collin is a big Randy Meisner fan and even joined him for “Take It To the Limit” and “Lyin’ Eyes” on stage.

At the end of the opening set Collin joined Randy on stage for “Take It To the Limit” and “Lyin’ Eyes”.

L-R: Collin Raye, Vern Monnett, Randy Meisner, Billy Swan, and Charlie Rich, Jr.

Meisner Swan & Rich opened for Collin Raye 1996
The Salt Lake Tribune (Salt Lake City, UT) – Dec. 15, 1995

“Only when Collin Raye came on stage to do a duet with Meisner did the crowd go wild. The two artists sang the classic Eagles’ single, Take It To the Limit.”

The Signpost (Ogden, UT) Weber State University paper – Jan. 22, 1996

“People in the chairs think a concert just happens. They can’t really appreciate the work that goes into it unless they are backstage.”

“There are hundreds of pieces of dialog going on during the show through radios.”

The Signpost (Ogden, UT) Weber State University paper – Jan. 22, 1996

“In the country arena, singer Collin Raye might have said it best. He was criticized a year or so ago for covering Eagle Randy Meisner’s ‘Take It To the Limit’ in his show. I thought, ‘Well, if they (the Eagles) came back, what would they be? They’d be country,’ Raye said.”

El Paso Times (El Paso, TX) June 3, 1994

In his autobiography he refers to Meisner, Swan and Rich as the Roberts Meisner Band. Of course, the Roberts Meisner Band was before Meisner, Swan and Rich, and probably by the time Collin wrote his book (which was published in 2014) he had simply gotten the two band names mixed up.

“Above all, I was truly grateful to God that I was able to sing Take It To the Limit with the real guy and soar with the Eagles for a brief moment.”

An excerpt from Collin Raye’s autobiography “A Voice Undefeated”

Dee Events Center on Weber State University campus

Collin Raye concert on Weber State University campus.

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