Randy Meisner’s Early Bands – 1960s

Randy Meisner's early bands in the 1960s included the Deacons/Thunderbirds, the Invaders, the Dynamics/Drivin' Dynamics, and the Soul Survivors/The Poor. (After the Soul Survivors moved to California, they had a very brief period of calling themselves the North Serrano Blues Band, and they then changed their name to The Poor.) There is also a separate... Continue Reading →

The Poor CD with Randy Meisner

From the Drivin' Dynamics to The Poor One of the first bands Randy Meisner was a founder of is a band called the Drivin' Dynamics in Scottsbluff, NE. It was first formed in 1961 as the Dynamics, and they later changed the name to the Drivin' Dynamics. Sometime in 1966 they competed in a Battle... Continue Reading →

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