Meisner, Swan and Rich performed at the Palomino Club in North Hollywood – June 30, 1995

Meisner, Swan and Rich performed at the Palomino Club which was located in North Hollywood on June 30, 1995. It was a popular club for both musicians and patrons. It was known as the “world-famous Palomino Club” and was open from 1949-1995. So, Randy, Billy, and Charlie Jr. played there the year it closed. The musicians and bands that played there through the years were varied…from country artists like Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and Jerry Lee Lewis to Linda Ronstadt, Rick Nelson, George Harrison, Bob Dylan, and Gram Parsons. The Palomino drew in many big-name performers.

The “Behind the Music” video below is a good overview of what the Palomino was like. Unfortunately, Meisner, Swan and Rich don’t appear in the video. A lot of the scenes from the movie “Every Which Way But Loose” with Clint Eastwood were scenes filmed inside the Palomino, and several of those are in the video.

Videos of Meisner, Swan and Rich performing at the Palomino on June 30 are at the bottom of this page.

Randy Meisner backstage at the Palomino Club

Palomino Club 1995

Palomino Club “Behind the Music” Video

The Palomino Club was a music venue in the North Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles. It opened in 1949 and was the best-known country music club in Los Angeles for decades, closing in 1995. It was called “Country Music’s most important West Coast club” by the Los Angeles Times and named national Club of the Year by “Performance”, touring talent trade magazine.

John S. Godley, Photographer

Palomino Club Vern 1

Vern Monnett

billy swan palomino 1

Billy Swan

Palomino 1

Randy Meisner

1995 June 22 LA Weekly 1

LA Weekly (Los Angeles, CA) – June 22, 1995

Palomino Club 1995 June 30

LA Times (Los Angeles, CA – June 30, 1995

1995 July 6 LA Weekly ad

LA Weekly (Los Angeles, CA) – July 6, 1995
Astrid Young is the younger half-sister of Neil Young and worked at the Palomino as a bartender.

Videos from the Palomino Club – June 30, 1995

“Try and Love Again”
June 30, 1995

“Take It To the Limit”
June 30, 1995

Meet and Greet backstage at the Palomino Club
June 30, 1995

Randy’s wife, Lana Meisner, is the pretty, dark-haired lady in the white sleeveless top.

The Palomino Club in North Hollywood

bldg 7

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