Podcasts and interviews with Randy Meisner – 1977-2020

Podcasts and interviews with Randy Meisner are listed below. If you like to hear Randy’s speaking voice, this collection gives you many opportunities to hear him. There’s quite a bit of stories and info contained in these interviews. I think you’ll enjoy listening to them.

  • Interview with Gene Clark, Rick Roberts, and Randy Meisner
  • Rick Nelson Benefit – June 1986
  • Greg McDonald (Rick Nelson’s personal manager) talks with Randy
  • American Journal interview with Randy Meisner on the Eagles reunion
  • ‘Landy’ Meisner interview
  • Poco Legacy 1989 VH1 Special – (This video is on the Poco Legacy page.)
  • Randy at the Troubadour – (This video is on the Richie Furay 50th Anniversary page.)
  • Joe Walsh’s radio show interview of Nov. 28, 2020 with Randy – (This audio is on The Poor CD page.)
  • In the Studio with Redbeard (Randy and Glenn talk about Desperado and On the Border albums)
  • 2-part Poco dialogue with Jim, Rusty, and Randy – (These two audios are on the Poco Legacy page.)
  • Peter Rodman interview of Randy from Feb. 28, 1981
  • Onstage banter with the Silverados and Randy Meisner at the Rainbow Music Hall in Denver – 1981
  • Behind the Music with Rick Nelson
  • Randy is at his home and has just autographed some items for a fan.
  • Randy’s portion of the Eagles interview with John Tobler in London in April 1977.

On May 12, 1988 at KZOK radio in Seattle, Gene Clark and Rick Roberts (Roberts Meisner Band) were interviewed. Then at KBSG radio in Tacoma, Gene and Randy were interviewed by Joe Michaels. These interviews were the day before the planned concert at Temple Theatre, although the concerts were actually cancelled due to Gene Clark becoming ill. Randy’s part starts at about 18:55.

In June 1986 Randy was interviewed by Brian Beirne of Channel 11 News in Los Angeles. Randy was part of a benefit organized for Rick Nelson’s band members after Rick and the band died in the New Year’s Eve plane crash in 1985. The benefit was to financially help the families of the band members and was held at the Beverly Theatre in Beverly Hills on Monday June 30, 1986.

A short clip of Greg McDonald, Rick Nelson’s personal manager, talking with Randy Meisner sometime after Rick’s death that occurred on New Year’s Eve 1985.

Nancy Glass of the American Journal TV show interviews Randy Meisner about the Eagles reunion in 1994. The video quality is really bad.

Landy Meisner’ Hotel California interview

In the Studio with Redbeard interview with Glenn & Randy talking about Desperado and On the Border

Redbeard said he interviewed Glenn on May 9, 1992 and Randy in 1989 in Dallas while on tour with Poco. The interview is about 1 hour and 17 minutes long, and is definitely worth listening to. Randy speaks often, and he has a funny story to tell about all of them on their horses at about 36:35. Randy also mentions running into Glenn after not seeing him for about ten years.

Peter Rodman of WXNA radio in Nashville has arranged this collection of new and archived interviews of Poco members in remembrance of Rusty Young for May 24, 2021. Randy Meisner is introduced at the very beginning and then his archived interview (from Feb. 28, 1981) begins at about 35:35. Paul Cotton is also included. As usual, all the musicians’ stories are interesting to listen to.

Randy’s stage banter and introduction of the Silverados on stage at the Rainbow Music Hall in Denver – Feb. 28, 1981

“Behind the Music” with Rick Nelson

Randy Meisner speaks briefly at 1:05 and then again at 18:05. And, then, a longer stretch begins at about 19:59 with footage of Randy and the band entering the Troubadour and playing on stage.

Randy and Lana Meisner are at their home in this video. Lana is putting several papers into a bag, and there are markers on the table Randy is sitting at. So, it appears Randy had autographed some items for this fan, which Randy had been known to do for fans coming to his house. At the end of the video Randy asks “Is that filming?”. This video has been dated 2012.

This is Randy’s interview segment (approx. 6 minutes) of the John Tobler April 19, 1977 interview for BBC radio. It took place at the InterContinental Hotel in London. Hear the entire John Tobler interview with all the Eagles on the British Interviews with the Eagles page.

Part 1 – Mitchel Delevie and Randy working on a song in 2015 or 2016 that they wrote together back in 2003 called “The Best I’ve Ever Been”. David Morgan sang lead vocals.

Part 2 – Mitchel Delevie and Randy working on a song in 2015 or 2016 that they wrote together back in 2003 called “The Best I’ve Ever Been”. David Morgan sang lead vocals.

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