Purdue University Eagles concert – Nov. 20, 1976

The Purdue University Eagles concert on November 20, 1976 was in the Elliott Hall of Music on the Purdue University campus in West Lafayette, IN. The Eagles Hotel California album was released just a few days later on December 8, 1976. This Hotel California tour would be Randy Meisner’s last tour with the Eagles.

JD Souther opened for this concert, and this day was also Joe Walsh’s 29th birthday.

Photos by Rick Ritenour, Purdue Yearbook photographer

Purdue University Eagles concert

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Randy Meisner
10 JD
JD Souther
Purdue University Eagles concert
Randy Meisner, Joe Walsh, Don Felder, and Don Henley (on drums)

Purdue 1977 Debris Yearbook page
Top: Don Felder
Bottom: Glenn Frey, Don Felder, and Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh turned 29 years old on this day of the concert.

Cash Box – Dec. 4, 1976

“Picking which groups were to appear on campus also involves a certain amount of market savvy, the students found. The kids here just don’t want to go to a concert, says Ron Azoff, marketing and search staffer. They want to see a specific performer.”

Journal and Courier (Lafayette, IN) – Feb. 12, 1976

“Purdue is fast becoming noted for excellent rock concerts, thanks to the hard work and expertise of a newly formed group called the student concert committee.”

Purdue University Eagles concert newspaper article
Journal and Courier (Lafayette, IN) – Aug. 28, 1976

Ticket order form to mail to Elliott Hall of Music box office at Purdue

The Purdue Exponent (student newspaper) – Oct. 25, 1976

“Saturday, the 20th, the Eagles will be here, Sunday will be their day off, and then the first three days of the next week they will be performing in Indianapolis, St. Louis and Kansas City.”

The Purdue Exponent (student newspaper) – Nov. 10, 1976

“‘With the Eagles we knew we were in trouble right from the start,’ continues Smith. The first day’s mail was heavier than ever before. It was just a plain thing, the demand was greater than the supply’.”

The Purdue Exponent (student newspaper) – Nov. 19, 1976

“None of the difficulties many harmony oriented bands have making the transition from studio to stage were evidenced by the Eagles performance, and if any flaws existed in their instrumentals they were undetectable.”

Purdue University Eagles concert
Purdue University Eagles concert

The Purdue Exponent (student newspaper) – Nov. 22, 1976

The Purdue Exponent (student newspaper) – Mar. 31, 1975

Elliott Hall of Music on Purdue University campus – capacity of 6,000

11 Elliott Hall of Music

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