National Association of Broadcasters in Las Vegas – Apr. 19, 2005

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) coordinates the annual NAB show. It’s an annual trade show and takes place in April at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The Orban Corp. was in charge of the entertainment for the NAB show for 2005, so on April 19, 2005, Randy Meisner, Charlie Rich Jr., and Billy Swan performed there. It was actually Charlie’s band on stage, so Randy and Billy were considered guests and they weren’t called Meisner, Swan and Rich for this performance. Vern Monnett (who often played with Meisner, Swan, & Rich) was there along with a few other guests like Augie Meyers and Chad Watson.

Randy Meisner at National Association of Broadcasters show

Vern Monnett and Randy Meisner

Vern Monnett and Randy Meisner

Chad Watson and Charlie Rich, Jr.

Chad Watson on bass, Augie Meyers playing accordion, and Charlie Rich, Jr.

Vern Monnett, Billy Swan, Chad Watson, and Charlie Rich, Jr.

Charlie Rich, Jr., Billy Swan, and Randy

These were the photos taken before the show according to Charlie Rich: “We signed autographs after the show. I even got a photo autographed by the band. Believe it or not, I didn’t have anything like that after all the years I had worked with Randy, Billy, and Augie. I’m proud of that autographed photo. The shot was taken the day before the show – so we would have something to remember the show by. It also served as a nice little souvenir for those that attended the show.”

Charlie Rich, Jr., Randy Meisner, Augie Meyers, and Billy Swan

Augie Meyers, Charlie Rich, Jr., Randy Meisner, and Billy Swan

Augie Meyers, Charlie Rich, Jr., Billy Swan, and Randy Meisner

Autograph Session

Billy Swan, Augie Meyers, Randy Meisner, and Charlie Rich, Jr.

From the Orban website – Orban Arranges Musical Bash at NAB
Charlie Rich, Jr. was the website manager for Orban.


Public Opinion Newspaper (Chambersburg, PA) – Apr. 20. 2005

Meisner, Swan and Rich

Randy, Charlie Rich, Jr., and Billy Swan

Randy, Charlie Rich, Jr., Billy Swan, and Jim Foreman (sitting)

Randy and Charlie Rich, Jr. in the studio for sessions with Roger Varian – 1994

Randy and Billy Swan in the recording studio of Mitchel Delevie

Randy and Billy Swan

Billy Swan and Randy

House of Blues Recording Studio

Randy, Billy Swan, and Bruce Gary (of The Knack & World Classic Rockers)

Randy and Billy Swan

Randy and Billy Swan

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