Rosilee St. Nicholas of the WCR talks to South Dakota NewsCenter1 in Rapid City about Randy Meisner – Sept. 12, 2023

Rosilee St. Nicholas of the WCR talks to South Dakota NewsCenter1 in Rapid City on September 12, 2023 about being in the World Classic Rockers and about Randy Meisner. When she speaks of Randy, it is evident that the two of them had a very special bond and friendship while in the WCR band. The photo above is of Rosilee and Randy’s wife, Lana.

In the news station video below she speaks of being asked to sing Amazing Grace at Randy’s Los Angeles memorial service with Vince Gill. It’s good that Randy’s peers were able to honor him at the Troubadour, where they had all spent so much time in their early years of making music. There were 61 friends in attendance, all specially invited to attend. You can hear a short sample of Rosilee singing Amazing Grace on her website.

An online article from the Dakota Scout site is below. It mentions that Don Henley was the emcee of Randy’s Los Angeles memorial service. Rolling Stone printed that Timothy B. was there, too.

Rosilee St. Nicholas of the WCR being interviewed on NewsCenter1 of Rapid City, SD

A Dakota Scout article by Jonathan Ellis – Sept. 10, 2023
Thank you to Janis Bailey McAdoo for locating this article online.

pdf version

Front: Aynsley Dunbar, Fergie Frederiksen, Rosilee St. Nicholas, Nick St. Nicholas, and Alex Ligertwood
Back: Michael Monarch, Steve Stewart, Randall Hall, Dave Coyle, and Randy Meisner

Rosilee and Randy at various World Classic Rocker events
(including a visit to the White House, which is where they all were in the bottom left photo)

Steve Stewart, Nick St. Nicholas, Rosilee St. Nicholas,
Kurt Griffey, Michael Monarch, Ron Wikso,
Denny Laine, and Randy Meisner in front of White House

Rosilee St. Nicholas, Lana Meisner, and unknown

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  1. What a Beautiful piece to share with the public. It is so nice to hear all that she said about the service and where Randy’s heart truly was during the times that they talked. How special that must have been for her and all who were around him during his final years. Gives me a sense of peace knowing that, after all that has happened. Thank you for posting this.

    1. I was really happy to find that interview and really happy that Rosilee talked about the conversations she and Randy had. That gave me peace.

  2. This is so heart touching. Being able to sing Amazing Grace with Vince Gill at Randy’s memorial! And, all she shared with the people who were there that day.

    1. Thank you so much Diana for such an interesting and heart-warming read. I now feel so much happier that Randy had a much-deserved memorial by his close friends in the music industry who recognised and honoured his great contribution to popular music. Rosalee is obviously a wonderful and very caring
      person and was a great friend of Randy.

    1. I feel soooo much better, too. I’m really thankful for Rosilee talking to Randy years earlier about the Lord. It’s because of her that I can rest easy now.

      1. I get it, Diana. I know that makes you feel better. It’s nice to communicate once again!

    1. For a few years I had been praying that SOMEBODY would be put in Randy’s path to tell him about Jesus and how to get saved. Little did I know that Rosilee had already done that years ago! When I heard her say she and Randy often talked about the Lord, I just started crying…happy tears, of course. I feel so much less anxiety about his death now.

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