Eagles Retirement Hotel in Miami – 1978

The Eagles Retirement Hotel mentioned in the newspaper article below is actually the Sherry Frontenac. It was a Miami Beach hotel in the 70s, and it was turned into a retirement home. Several of the Eagles, along with other musicians, put money in the hotel as an investment.

Eagles Retirement Hotel

The Miami Herald (Miami, FL) – May 18, 1978

“The rockers’ finances are of no concern to Lichter, 69, who thinks of the Sherry Frontenac as a place for friends, and ‘dances every Friday night where we do the bump and the hustle’.”

“But there was a big dance here on Sunday night for Mother’s day and our people were dancing and hopping up and down. Of course, it took them a long time to get up and a long time to get back down again.”

The Miami Herald (Miami, FL) – May 18, 1978

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