Randy Meisner at Oregon Trail Lounge in Gering, Nebraska – July 1-3, 1983

Randy Meisner at Oregon Trail Lounge in Gering played a total of four shows (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) with his band over the July 1983 holiday weekend. The three evening shows were Friday-Sunday, July 1-3, plus there was also a matinee show on Sunday. He said he had always wanted to come back and play in his hometown. Special guests were the Dynamics and Cody Road. The article and photo below of Randy appeared on the front page of the Gering Courier newspaper on July 7, 1983.

Randy had returned from a short tour in Japan not long before this Nebraska set of shows. The Japan tour was in late January of 1983.

An article from the Lincoln Journal Star in 1978 is at the bottom of this page, which outlines his beginning musical career a little bit. You can see a photo of Randy and Stephen Love playing a gig at The Woodshed in Scottsbluff, Nebraska in their band, Goldrush, both below and on the page for Randy’s first solo album. Goldrush is mentioned in that newspaper article below of July 24, 1978.

Randy Meisner at Oregon Trail Lounge in Gering

“His musical career spans experiences playing back-up for such artists as Linda Ronstadt to being the forceful bass presence in the highly successful band, The Eagles. He is now pursuing a solo career with his own band, The Silverados.”

Front page of Gering Courier (Gering, NE) – July 7, 1983

Randy’s special guests were Cody Road and his former band, the Dynamics.

Randy Meisner at Oregon Trail Lounge

Ad in the Gering Courier (Gering, NE) – June 30, 1983

“It is to be his first scheduled performance in the Scottsbluff-Gering area since he played in the Dynamics, a band that gave him his start.”

Randy Meisner at Oregon Trail Lounge

Lincoln Journal Star (Lincoln, NE) – June 28, 1983

“He and the Soul Survivors went to California, but the trip wasn’t an immediate ride to the top of the music industry. The band changed its name to The Poor, he said, ‘because we were poor’.”

“I want to see what happens with the next album, he said. If it doesn’t do what I want it to do, I’ll go to country music.”

Grand Island Independent (Grand Island, NE) – July 10, 1983

“Meisner began his musical career with the Dynamics, a Scottsbluff band that still exists, without him. A member of the Scottsbluff group, Donny Ullstrom, sings backup on Meisner’s new album.”

Lincoln Journal Star (Lincoln, NE) – July 24, 1978

Randy and Stephen Love of Goldrush performing at The Woodshed in Scottsbluff, NE

Randy Meisner at Oregon Trail Lounge

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