Richie Furay 50th Anniversary at the Troubadour – Nov. 16, 2018

The Richie Furay 50th Anniversary at the Troubadour concert since first performing at the Troubadour in 1968 was Friday, Nov. 16, 2018. Timothy B. Schmit was on stage with Richie as well as Richie’s daughter, Jesse Furay Lynch. Randy Meisner didn’t perform that night, but he was a guest of Richie’s. While there that night, Randy was interviewed backstage. That video interview is on this page, along with a few other videos.

“In November 2018, the Richie Furay Band took the stage at the historic Troubadour in West Hollywood, 50 years after Poco made it’s live debut in the same concert hall. The performance included two sets from Furay and his band: Still DeLIVErin, which featured solo songs, Poco favorites and Buffalo Springfield gems, while the second set, DeLIVErin’ Again, was highlighted by a full-album performance of Poco’s 1971 live album and ‘A Good Feelin’ To Know,’ for which Timothy B. Schmit joined Furay and the band on vocals.”

Rock Cellar Magazine Apr. 5, 2021

You can read the entire Rock Cellar article. Another article on the 2018 show was on Here’s the pdf version. The writer of that article mentions that Timothy replaced Jim Messina instead of correctly saying he replaced Randy Meisner.

Richie Furay 50th Anniversary at the Troubadour

Many fans and friends wanted to be photographed with Randy that night

Randy Meisner and fans

Randy Meisner and fans

Timothy B. Schmit and Randy

Timothy, Randy, and Art Ford

Jackson Truax and Randy Meisner

Joe Franco and Randy

Gene Aguilera and Randy

Randy with Pete and Rhonda Hoke

Randy and Howard S. Berger

Randy and Chris Marr

Randy and a fan
(Art Ford is behind Randy)

Randy and his long-time friend Colleen Stewart

Randy and Rob Norton

Fran Beaudet and Randy

Randy and Geoff Gray of Far and Away Studios in Boulder, CO

Richie Furay 50th Anniversary at the Troubadour backstage with Randy and Timothy

Richie is talking with Randy, and Timothy is sitting on the couch near Randy. Richie is telling Randy about his special potion/elixir from Belgium he is drinking for his voice. Peter Asher is in the maroon sweater.

Randy, Richie Furay, and Timothy B. Schmit

Randy, Richie Furay, and Howard S. Berger

Randy and Richie Furay

Randy and Richie Furay
(David Stone holding the cellphone taking photo)

Richie with Timothy and daughter, Jesse Furay Lynch, during sound check

Sound check with Timothy before the show

Richie Furay on stage for the anniversary DVD

Richie Furay is celebrating his 50th Anniversary at the Troubadour in West Hollywood

Randy is being interviewed for Richie’s 50th Anniversary at the Troubadour

Randy Meisner speaking at the Troubadour for Richie’s Anniversary – Nov. 16, 2018

Richie Furay 50th Anniversary at the Troubadour 2018

Newspaper advertisement for the 1968 show at the Troubadour before Pogo changed their name to Poco

Valley News (Van Nuys, CA) – Nov. 29, 1968

First Troubadour appearance in 1968

Concert review in the LA Times (Los Angeles, CA) – Nov. 22, 1968

Record World 1968 Nov 30

Concert review in Record World magazine – Nov. 30, 1968

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