Rick Nelson and the Stone Canyon Band at the Troubadour – Oct. 1969

Rick Nelson and the Stone Canyon Band were at the Troubadour October 31 and November 1, 1969. The shows were recorded for a live album “In Concert The Troubadour, 1969” released in January 1970. In March 1970 the band was in Germany on a tour of U.S. military bases, and you can read about that with this post.

There are some photos from other venues they performed at in 1969 below, and there’s a few audios of the songs from the live concert. There’s also the “Easy To Be Free” film at the end of this page and the Rick Nelson “Behind the Music” video.

Audios (scroll down) of Troubadour concert:

  • “Come On In”
  • “Hello Mary Lou Goodbye Heart”
  • “I’m Walkin'”

An article in ‘On the Records’ titled “Ricky Nelson…Not Just A Teenage Idol” mentions Rick forming the Stone Canyon Band with Randy Meisner:

“Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon Band, focused on that Country Rock sound, even adding steel guitar.  They were on the Top 40 chart in January of 1970 with the Bob Dylan song ‘She Belongs To Me’, and had a well-reviewed album, ‘In Concert At The Troubadour’.  The band included Randy Meisner, who went on to become one of the founding members of Eagles.”


Randy’s 1988 interview at KBSG radio in Tacoma, WA:

Randy talks a little about his time in the Stone Canyon Band and playing on the Rudy the Fifth album, which hit the 50-year anniversary mark on Oct. 4, 2021. The interview is on the Livestreams, podcasts, and interviews page on this site, and it took place at the KBSG radio station in Tacoma, WA. Randy’s part in the interview follows Gene Clark at about 18:55.

Vinyl album front and back covers

Randy Meisner, Pat Shanahan (drums), Rick Nelson, Allen Kemp, and Tom Brumley

Inside of the album gatefold cover – Rick Nelson at the Troubadour

Front & back of remastered 2-CD set with 30 bonus tracks released 2011

Stone Canyon Band publicity photos

Randy Meisner, Rick Nelson, Allen Kemp, Tom Brumley, and Pat Shanahan

Randy Meisner, Pat Shanahan, Rick Nelson, Allen Kemp

The front of the Troubadour (located in West Hollywood) c1967
Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Record World magazine – Mar. 21, 1981
Excerpt from interview with Rick Nelson

From the book “Ricky Nelson Idol For A Generation”

Rick Nelson’s debut at the Troubadour was in April 1969. This was a few months prior to the band’s live recording there in October 1969.

Ad for the Troubadour appearances of April 1-6, 1969

1969 Apr 1 LA Times 1
LA Times (Los Angeles, CA) – Apr. 1, 1969

JD’s was a famous nightclub in Phoenix, AZ

JDs sign NEW 3

JD’s Nightclub

Randy Meisner, Rick Nelson, and Allen Kemp

12b 1969 Oct 25 Arizona Republic 1
Arizona Republic (Phoenix, AZ) – Oct. 25, 1969
14 1969 Oct 28 LA Times
LA Times (Los Angeles, CA) – Oct. 28, 1969
The first appearance was in April, 1969

“Sharing the bill is Steve Martin, the young comedian who was at the Troubadour last summer with Poco.”

LA Times (Los Angeles, CA) – Oct. 31, 1969

Rick Nelson at the Troubadour

Billboard magazine full-page ad – Feb. 7, 1970

“Come On In” live at the Troubadour

“Hello Mary Lou Goodbye Heart” live at the Troubadour

“I’m Walkin'” live at the Troubadour

Rick’s house on Zorada Drive that Randy Meisner bought soon after he joined the Eagles

Rick Nelson and the Stone Canyon Band at the Troubadour recording the live “In Concert” album – Oct. 1969

Photos from the book “Desperados: The Roots of Country Rock”

Randy Meisner, Rick Nelson, Pat Shanahan (on drums), Allen Kemp, and Tom Brumley

Randy Meisner, Rick Nelson, Allen Kemp, and Tom Brumley

The Bitter End nightclub in New York City – 1969

Owner of The Bitter End finds his large collection of vintage concert posters in the basement

Rick Nelson “Easy To Be Free” film includes footage from performances at the Troubadour, The Cellar Door, The Bitter End, and JD’s.

“Behind the Music” with Rick Nelson

Randy Meisner speaks briefly at 1:05 and then again at 18:05. And, then, a longer stretch begins at about 19:59 with footage of Randy and the band entering the Troubadour and playing on stage.

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