Carolina Coliseum in Columbia, SC – Oct. 2, 1972

The Carolina Coliseum in Columbia, SC was the location of a concert with the Eagles opening for Yes. It was the Yes ‘Close to the Edge’ tour. The Carolina Coliseum has a seating capacity of 12,401 and is part of the University of South Carolina. Even though 1972 was early in their career, they had a lot of concerts scheduled for that year. They toured with Yes and opened several shows for them. There was just one more concert on the Yes tour for the Eagles after this one, and it was the next night at the Charlotte Coliseum in North Carolina on Oct. 3, 1972.

The Eagles were at Carolina Coliseum again three years later on August 3, 1975.

Jon Anderson of Yes has a funny story to tell (in a short audio below) about a cream pie attack from the Eagles that happened backstage after the last show with the Eagles. The last show was the next night after this show. Somehow the police got involved, and the story was even in the newspaper.

On stage at the Carolina Coliseum in Columbia, SC
David Hunt, photographer

Carolina Coliseum in Columbia, SC
Randy Meisner
bernie 100272 2
Bernie Leadon
The Eagles had played at the Warehouse in New Orleans on July 14, 1972, which is probably when Bernie got his shirt.
henley 100272 2
Don Henley
glenn 100272 2
Glenn Frey

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Carolina Coliseum in Columbia, SC

The State (Columbia, SC) – Oct. 1, 1972

This pie-throwing event happened after the concert at the Charlotte Coliseum in Charlotte, NC. That was the following night after this Carolina Coliseum show. The Charlotte Coliseum show was the Eagles’ last stop on the tour with Yes.

There is an obvious error in the first article, because Edward Offord was not with the Eagles, but he did work with Yes as a producer and engineer. So, one has to wonder if there are other details incorrect in that article. The next day an article appeared in the same newspaper that does correct the error of Edward being with the Eagles. The audio below with Jon Anderson of Yes does confirm that the pie-throwing happened, though.

Charlotte Observer (Charlotte, NC) – Oct. 5, 1972

Charlotte Observer (Charlotte, NC) – Oct. 6, 1972

Jon Anderson of Yes talks about being on the Close to the Edge tour with the Eagles in 1972 and the backstage cream pie fight in a radio interview of September 2016. The pie fight happened after the show at the Charlotte Coliseum in North Carolina, which was the last show of the tour for the Eagles. It was the next night following this Carolina Coliseum concert.

Carolina Coliseum in Columbia, SC

Statesville Record and Landmark (Statesville, NC) – Sept. 30, 1972

The Clemson Tiger – Clemson Univ. student newspaper (Clemson, SC) – Oct. 6, 1972

Columbia Record (Columbia, SC) – Oct. 21, 1972

Carolina Coliseum

Carolina Coliseum in Columbia, SC

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