Pine Knob Eagles concert – June 26-27, 1975

The Pine Knob Eagles concert was a two-day event on June 26 and 27, 1975. These two performances were at the Pine Knob Music Theatre (an outdoor theater) in Clarkston, MI. Both days were sold out, and while there the Eagles were presented with a gold record for the One of These Nights album that had just come out on June 10. It was their fourth gold record by Asylum.

Michael Martin Murphey opened for the Eagles, and these Pine Knob shows were just a few days after the Eagles returned from the Wembley Mid-Summer Music concert in England.

Pine Knob Theatre opened in 1972 and was a popular amphitheater for concerts. David Cassidy was Pine Knob’s first performer. Even though the name changed in 2002 to DTE Energy Music Theatre, people still referred to it as Pine Knob. Then, as of January 14, 2022 it was announced that the name was officially changed back to Pine Knob.

Glenn Frey’s mother, Nellie Frey, was at this 1975 concert, and an article (see below) from an interview with her appeared in the Detroit Free Press newspaper July 1, 1975. It’s obvious she was very proud of Glenn.

Presentation of One of These Nights gold record award following the shows at Pine Knob Music Theatre

Pine Knob Eagles concert Pavilion ticket for first night

Pine Knob Eagles Concert

Pine Knob outdoor theater

Nellie Frey: “We sort of wanted him to be a lawyer-he made excellent grades without even trying-or do something in literature because his teachers were always encouraging him to write because he did it so beautifully. I guess this has come out in his songs.”

Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI) – July 1, 1975

“Groups like Chicago and Eagles bring their own systems and manage to sound O.K., says Broderick.”

Pine Knob Eagles Concert
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI) – Feb. 9, 1975

“Oh, they can sound country-plaintive, especially Glenn Frey’s hurtin’ voice on things such as Lyin’ Eyes. But they’re just as at home with big string arrangements (Take It to the Limit) or full-brewed rockers (Visions).”

Pine Knob Eagles Concert

The Windsor Star (Windsor, Ontario) – June 21, 1975

“Don Henley’s drums are the band’s heartbeat and Randy Meisner’s bass is its pulse.”

Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI) – June 22, 1975

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