Cameron Crowe interviews the Eagles for the San Diego Door and Rolling Stone magazine with Lake Michigan boat photos – 1972 & 1975

1972: Cameron Crowe interviews the Eagles for the first time backstage after a San Diego concert opening for Procol Harum. The interview was for an underground newspaper called the 'San Diego Door'. The 'Door' ran from January 1968 to August 1974. Cameron was just 15 years old at the time of meeting the Eagles for... Continue Reading →

Day on the Green – June 29, 1975

The Day on the Green Eagles concert was June 29, 1975. Also there that day in Oakland, CA were the Doobie Brothers, Commander Cody, and Kingfish. Elton John made a surprise visit to both the Eagles and Doobie Brothers on stage. This concert was just a week after the Eagles returned from the Wembley Mid-Summer... Continue Reading →

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