Wembley Mid-Summer Music concert – June 21, 1975

The Wembley Mid-Summer Music Concert in London included the Eagles, Elton John, The Beach Boys, Joe Walsh, Rufus, & Stackridge. At the end of this page is the video for the Wembley TV commercial.

The Eagles were also at Wembley Stadium for four nights in 1977.

Photos by Henry Diltz

Randy Meisner, Glenn Frey, Don Henley (on drums), Bernie Leadon, and Don Felder

Eagles leaving the stage and walking past tour manager, Richard Fernandez

Wembley Mid-Summer Music
Jackson Browne, Glenn Frey, and Joe Walsh

Jackson and Glenn backstage

Glenn and Jackson backstage

Candice Bergen sitting on the stage

All-day ticket and Wembley setlist

Wembley Mid-Summer Music ticket
Wembley Mid-Summer Music setlist

Now we know how these bands get all their equipment moved.

Wembley Mid-Summer Music
Billboard magazine – July 10, 1976

Concert Posters

Wembley Mid-Summer Music poster
Wembley Mid-Summer Music poster

Program Booklet

Mid-Summer Music CD – Live at Wembley Stadium 1975

Wembley Mid-Summer Music concert

Evening Standard (London, England) – May 1, 1975

Record World magazine – May 10, 1975
Bryan Garofalo later joined Randy in the Silverados.

Wembley Mid-Summer Music newspaper article
Record Mirror magazine – June 14, 1975
Wembley Mid-Summer Music newspaper article
The Akron Beacon Journal (Akron, OH) – June 18, 1975
Wembley Mid-Summer Music newspaper article
The San Bernardino County Sun (San Bernardino, CA) – June 23, 1975

“Next, even better, came the Eagles, the epitome of easy-listening, quality country rock. Again, they played to a formula, and within certain safe perimeters, but with chugging rhythms and fine harmonies they were perfect at what they did.”

The Guardian (London) – June 23, 1975

Colorado Cowboys?

Record Mirror magazine – June 28, 1975

Cash Box – July 5, 1975

“The first LP, titled simply, ‘Eagles’, took off immediately via a great debut hit single, ‘Take It Easy’. Ironically, in Britain, where the album was made, the song was merely an underground classic. But when the Eagles opened with it at Wembley this year, there was a huge roar.”

Record Mirror magazine – Aug. 16, 1975

Wembley TV commercial for the Mid-Summer Music Show

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