Sunshine Festival at Anaheim Stadium – Sept. 28, 1975

The Sunshine Festival at Anaheim Stadium was the concert venue of one of two Eagles concerts held in California during a weekend in September 1975. The other concert was at Balboa Stadium in San Diego the day prior on September 27, and was called the One of These Days concert. These two separate concerts just a day apart had the same lineup of:

  • Eagles
  • Jackson Browne
  • Linda Ronstadt

September 28, 1975 was the date of this Sunshine Festival at Anaheim Stadium. (Linda wore almost identical dresses to each concert.)

The Anaheim concert was Bernie Leadon’s last concert with the Eagles. A portion of Bernie’s interview of September 27, 2019 with John Beaudin of Rock History Music about leaving the Eagles is below. Bernie also talks about pouring the beer on Glenn Frey’s head.

Randy Meisner on stage in Anaheim

Randy Meisner, Glenn Frey, Bernie Leadon, and Don Felder

Don Felder and Bernie Leadon

Randy Meisner, Joe Walsh, Don Henley, Don Felder, and Bernie Leadon
Joe Walsh joins the Eagles on stage

Don Felder, Glenn Frey, and Randy Meisner walking to their limos after the show.

Anaheim was Bernie Leadon’s last concert with the Eagles.

Bernie talks to John Beaudin in September 2019 about leaving the Eagles and pouring the beer on Glenn’s head.

“The Eagles’ last concert with Leadon was in the fall of 1975 in front of 55,000 fans at Anaheim Stadium in California. Ten days later, the remaining four Eagles were rehearsing with Walsh for a tour of Australia and New Zealand and Japan.”

Sunshine Festival at Anaheim Stadium

New Musical Express History of Rock (London, England) – 1976

“Walsh, who is more firmly rock-based than the country-tinged Leadon, is already rehearsing with the Eagles and will join them on a tour of New Zealand, Australia and Japan next month.”

LA Times (Los Angeles, CA) – Dec. 13, 1975

“Future recording plans for the Eagles are still uncertain. Much depends on whether Walsh remains with them on a permanent basis; if he does, he will be playing on their next album in the spring. Otherwise, Leadon may return briefly for the sessions.”

New Musical Express (London, England) – Dec. 20, 1975

Joe Walsh & Barnstorm – Colorado Music Experience

Sunshine Festival at Anaheim Stadium

Glenn Frey

Glenn Frey

Don Felder

Don Henley

Linda Ronstadt and Andrew Gold

Jackson Browne and David Lindley on stage and backstage

Jackson & his son, Ethan (almost 2 years old)

JD Souther was a guest on stage at various times with all three bands during the festival.

Glenn tuning guitars in a truck before the show

Henry Diltz and Barry Schultz, photographers

Sunshine Festival at Anaheim Stadium

Record World magazine ad – May 8, 1976

All-day ticket for $10.00 autographed by Joe Walsh

ticket joe walsh

Sunshine Festival at Anaheim Stadium poster

Sunshine Festival at Anaheim Stadium

LA Times (Los Angeles, CA) – Aug. 23, 1975

LA Times (Los Angeles, CA) – Aug. 23, 1975

“Because all three acts make Los Angeles their home base and their music reflects a certain similarity in both tone (laid-back, country-tinged) and theme (great hope, immense ambition, yet a strong sense of disillusionment), many writers around the country have lumped the Eagles, Ronstadt, and Brown together under a Southern California sound heading.”

Concert review in the LA Times (Los Angeles, CA) – Sept. 30, 1975

“The Eagles’ blend of rock, country, bluegrass and rhythm and blues styles is reminiscent of the old Buffalo Springfield, a comparison which has been made elsewhere and is not meant to demean the group’s originality.”

Concert review in The Independent (Long Beach, CA) – Sept. 30, 1975

Concert review in the LA Times (Los Angeles, CA) – Sept. 30, 1975

“Gathered together were three of the finest groups of musicians to emerge from the melting pot of the L.A. music scene.”

Cash Box – Oct. 11, 1975

46 Record World 1975 Oct 11 1
Record World magazine – Oct. 11, 1975

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