Eagles softball game and concert in Nashville, TN – June 22-23, 1977

An Eagles softball game and concert in Nashville took place in June 1977. The softball game was at Edwin Warner Park in Nashville, TN on June 22, 1977. The Eagles concert at Nashville Municipal Auditorium was on June 23, 1977. The Eagles (Party Plane team) played softball against Elektra-Asylum Records and Nashville radio personalities. With... Continue Reading →

Fort Worth Eagles concert at Tarrant County Convention Center – July 7-8, 1977

The Fort Worth Eagles concert with Jimmy Buffett opening for the Eagles was at the Tarrant County Convention Center. This two-day concert July 7-8 in Fort Worth was the night before the infamous Houston concert where it's rumored that Randy and Glenn got into another fight backstage, and it was a few nights after the... Continue Reading →

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