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An interview with Randy has been added to the Podcasts and Interviews with Randy Meisner page. Peter Rodman interviewed Randy Meisner on Feb. 28, 1981 for his “Sunday Night with Peter Rodman” show on WXNA radio in Nashville, TN. This is almost a 17-minute interview, and Randy gives out some info that may not have been heard before. It’s worth listening to. Part of this 1981 interview was used in the tribute Peter Rodman compiled for Rusty Young a few days after Rusty died. (That tribute for Rusty was already on the Podcasts and Interviews page.)

The Tarrant County Convention Center in Ft. Worth, Texas was the venue for an Eagles concert on Nov. 3, 1976. In addition to photos, there is a radio commercial spot you can hear on that page.

In 1985 Randy, along with Billy Swan and Jimmy Griffin, started a new band they named Black Tie. They recorded an album called “When the Night Falls”, which was released in 1985. From this connection the Meisner, Swan and Rich band was eventually formed.

The Kiel Opera House in St. Louis, Missouri was the venue for an Eagles concert on Dec. 13, 1973.

This ‘Randy Meisner Hearts on Fire’ website honors Randy Meisner’s musical career and legacy as a musician, singer, and songwriter. There are many posts below of concerts, etc. related to Randy’s musical history as the original bass player with the Eagles. There’s also posts about his other bands (both before and after the Eagles) like: The Dynamics and Drivin’ Dynamics; Soul Survivors; The Poor; Poco; Rick Nelson and the Stone Canyon Band; Roberts-Meisner Band; Meisner, Swan and Rich; The Silverados; World Classic Rockers; and his solo career.

Please enjoy all there is to see here. Research is always being done, and posts are updated frequently with additional photos, newspaper/magazine articles, and videos. Also, new posts about Randy Meisner are added continually. The music audios and videos that are throughout this site are also collectively listed on the Music Audios and Videos page in the main menu above. New music is being added all the time. If you do repost anything from this site, it would be most appreciated if you would link back or mention that you found it here. Thanks!

Randy Meisner is not affiliated with this site in any way.

Podcasts & Interviews

In addition to interviews to read, there are videos and audios of Randy Meisner speaking in interviews.

The Early Bands

At about the age of 14 Randy was in a band called the Deacons (name later changed to the Thunderbirds). On November 23, 1961 at the age of 15 he officially became a founding member of the Dynamics (name later changed to the Drivin’ Dynamics). After the Drivin’ Dynamics participated in a Battle of the Bands contest in 1966 in Denver, he was asked to join the Soul Survivors of Denver. The Soul Survivors soon moved to California, and after a very brief period of calling themselves the North Serrano Blues Band, they changed their name to The Poor. In mid-1968 Randy leaves The Poor to join Pogo/Poco. He had first been asked to join the Electric Prunes, but he turned down that invitation and joined Poco instead.

Poco – 1968 & 1989

Randy Meisner first joined Poco along with Rusty Young, Jim Messina, Richie Furay, and George Grantham in 1968. However, he was only with Poco a few months. After a disagreement about participating in the mixing of the first album, Randy left Poco by April 1969 to join Rick Nelson’s Stone Canyon Band. Fortunately, those original Poco members reunited in 1989 for the Legacy tour and Legacy album. Randy was asked to join Sky Kings in 1991 after Legacy was finished, but he declined the invitation.

Rick Nelson & the Stone Canyon Band

After leaving Poco in 1969, Randy was asked by Rick Nelson to help form the Stone Canyon Band. Randy gets former Poor members Allen Kemp and Pat Shanahan into the band.


Randy Meisner was the original bass player and a founding member of the Eagles. He was with the band from 1971 through the Hotel California tour in 1977. Randy was involved in the Eagles’ first five albums (Eagles, Desperado, On the Border, One of These Nights, Hotel California):



“On the Border”

“One of These Nights”

“Hotel California”

Bands After the Eagles

After Randy left the Eagles in 1977 after the Hotel California tour, he was in a number of bands. Some of the bands were: Silverados; Open Secret; Roberts-Meisner Band; Black Tie; Randy Meisner Group; Meisner, Swan & Rich; World Classic Rockers.

During the post-Eagles time, he was also doing solo gig

Solo & Silverados

Black Tie

Open Secret/Roberts-Meisner Band

Meisner, Swan & Rich

World Classic Rockers

Everything Else

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